Curren French

Hey there, I'm Curren French, better known as Curry, and I'm an artist and jazz guitarist. I am studying art at ASMSA, and am making pieces out of plastics similar to celluloid film for animation.


I am currently running a shop on redbubble where you can buy my artworks!


I am currently open for commissions and have 10 slots available


I've got quite a lot of social media profiles, but I'm most active on Instagram and Newgrounds

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Commissions and Donations

I can be paid using PayPal and my pricing is dependent on what I'm doing.

For Illustrations: I can do 10$ per character sketched, 30$ per finished character in a stylized manner, 50$ per finished character in a more realistic manner. The colors are free for stylized, but an extra 30 for photorealistic. I can do mechas at 150$ as it takes me the most time to get just right. I will not do nsfw.

For Animation: 174$ for 1-5 seconds of 24fps, my maximum time is a minute, there is no extra character charge.

For Music: We can discuss this as some music is easier for me to produce.

String Instruments: My most expensive commissions are string instruments as to be expected because of time and material cost.
I'll work with you discussing electronics and parts and 1 draft design, then after payment that covers parts and work I get started.

I'm thinking of opening a Patreon for more content that's put out for larger amounts of people that's not as specific as a commission (Like my comic series) so let me know if that's interesting. The other links are for donations or PATREON where I'll be hosting some exclusive contents


Here's some works of mine. All described as what you can pay for.

10$ per sketch of a character

$50 for a finished character in Greyscale

Animation at 174$ for 1-5 seconds